Where to Put Desk in Bedroom: 7 Ideas You Should Check

This design by Applegate Tran Interiors features a closet-turned-office that incorporates a built-in desk and shelving, as well as a custom bench and storage. Fun, trendy converting closet to office colored doors splendidly picked for the built-in desk area meant to be seen, not hidden. Small walk-in closets work best when thoughtful designs are taken into account.

Stow, sort, and organize a walk in closet with techniques that reflect your style. If you are considering some small walk in closet ideas, think about the places where you will put your stuff. It is essential to provide each item a proper, reachable place when planning a small walk in closet. You cannot beat shelves for neatly keeping folded things stored and within view, which allows you to put things away and easily pull an outfit together. In this design by Supple Homes, Inc, a small closet is transformed into a bright and cheerful workspace, with a built-in desk, open shelving, and plenty of natural light. The sitting area between the master bedroom and bathroom is a peaceful place for a desk area.

Hang Open Shelving

Some room layouts make it impossible to avoid putting your desk in front of a window or part of a window. You might also prefer a window view to facing a wall or facing the room. Desk placement against a wall on the left or right when you’re in bed can work well. If you have room to put the desk against the opposite wall as your bed, this placement has several advantages. We’ll look at every placement so you can figure out the best place to put a desk in your bedroom. We’ll also cover how to tweak your desk so that the arrangement works as well as possible.

putting desk in closet

Drape a throw blanket or shawl over your chair to use during chilly mornings at your desk. Add a fluffy throw pillow to add some texture to your zone and use it for back support as the day evolves. If you have extra room, it can be nice to build a bench for additional seating beside your desk. Pick one favorite color and use it to paint the area above your work surface. A darker shade like navy blue contrasts beautifully with white and natural wood trim and makes the area appear deeper than it actually is. If you prefer wallpaper, this can be a great zone to use an energizing pattern that might be too busy for a larger room.

Make the most of vertical space

Virtually any unused closet can be used to create your private office nook. From a small reach-in closet to a walk-in with a window, these under-utilized zones are easy to transform into your own happy little cubicle. All you need is a work surface, a comfortable place to sit, and a healthy dose of inspiration. Think shelving or cubbies above the desk to create storage and space for decorative accessories that make it a pleasant place to work. And there’s no reason not to own a cloffice that packs a decorative punch. Use color to transform the interior and make it an inspiring home office.

  • Plus, I love that I have a dedicated space to work and can shut the door when I’m done.
  • Virtually any unused closet can be used to create your private office nook.
  • A patterned wall can be a little intense, but in a closet desk area, it adds the right amount of chic without taking over the whole room.
  • The legs are inserted in dato slots cut in the bottom of the desk.
  • Even a small hidden desk area can include space to stash.
  • Yellow walls, paired with light-colored wood, make this an easy space to retreat to.

The ideas we shared around shelving and storage options will be particularly crucial for a closet this size. If you don’t have the time or know-how to build a custom office in a closet, you can use a freestanding desk. Find a desk with shelves, or simply mount floating shelves above a minimalist desk for a modern look. Tyler Moore of Tidy Dad shows a great example of this with his closet office remodel.

Why A Closet Office Is Worth It

This is one of the easiest ways to make your cloffice look decorated. Maybe you already have a makeshift office crammed into your closet, or you’ve run out of space in your house and you’re desperately looking for a place to set up your desk. Either way, creating an office in a space that’s only meant to be big enough for old coats is a lot to ask. If you want to find ways to make it work (and pitfalls to avoid), you’ve come to the right place. We took a deep dive into research to find the best solutions and ideas for converting your closet into an office.

  • Sometimes you’ll have to put the desk in an inconvenient place because there isn’t another space available.
  • Take the brackets, and hold them so the side with four holes is pointing down.
  • And when you’ve got two busy little boys sharing a relatively small bedroom you kinda need to maximize every square inch.
  • I have not had any issues with adhesion of the poly finish or wood glue.
  • Take your shelves as high up the wall as you can, to maximize your storage capacity.
  • But you could easily run a power strip into the back, by cutting a hole big enough for the plug to run through.
  • Shelves can be painted the same color as your walls, painted an accent color, or even covered in wallpaper.

Recessed lamps can bring a remarkable degree of illumination to small work areas and look great with almost any decor type. When you rent your apartment or home, use battery-powered lights that could be mounted on the wall or shelf with double sided tape. Contemporary built in desk and office storage space hidden behind light wood pocket doors. Integrated behind sliding doors, this secret home office makes great use of closet space.

Attach it to the front of the side boards with pocket hole screws. Cut a 2×2 board to that measurement, add pocket holes to the ends. Attach them to wall into the studs using the 3″ wood screws. Start by securing 2×2 boards (cut to the desired desk depth minus 3/4″) on the sides of the closet.

The best way to do this is to put it in at an angle near the top, then flatten it out, and lower it down onto the brackets. From the underside of the shelf, screw the brackets into the wood shelf so they are connected (you can drill small pilot holes first if you choose). Wallpapers, ceiling beams, faux stone walls – there are plenty of ways to keep your closet office from looking bland. We love the stone wall look Molly shared on her blog, The Honest Home.

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